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M.I.D.I. Minds tonight @ the Blind Mule - One Cut Kill [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Adam Daedalus

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[_| Seduction Bomb- "Red Eye (One Cut Kill remix)" ]
[_| Adam Daedalus + So Brown Ear Damage interview ]
[_| In 2005, Silver Apples collaborated with One Cut Kill on "Purple Egg", a children's song Psychedelica compilation on Northern Star Records (U.K.) ]
[_| Skylight Honey "Beautiful Alone" (smeared eye makeup remix) by Adam Daedalus ]

M.I.D.I. Minds tonight @ the Blind Mule [Feb. 16th, 2008|03:33 am]
Adam Daedalus
Trey Lane
Thruoutin (last show)
Adam Daedalus/ One Cut Kill
CJ Reed (trance/industrial)

individual electronic sets with a collaborative improv set at the end of the night. All equipment will be networked together using the Musical Instrument Digital Interface.

18 and up