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Saturn-day solo One Cut Kill performance - One Cut Kill [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Adam Daedalus

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Saturn-day solo One Cut Kill performance [Dec. 21st, 2007|09:35 am]
Adam Daedalus
Josh Bond asked me onto a show Saturday-night. It's at the Blind Mule. There's no time to rehearse the full band for this. I'm going to do it solo, as a lot of people have been asking when I would do an acoustic show again, or an electronica show again. This will be both. mixed up acoustic and electronic at the same time.

Saturday, dec 22 @ the Blind Mule

with Josh Bond, Counter-Clockwise, and Ugly American.

starts at 10pm. cover will be a few dollars. probably the cost of about one drink (for four acts).