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One Cut Kill


Adam Daedalus
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Seduction Bomb "Red Eye" (One Cut Kill remix) by Adam Daedalus

"White Russian/Black Heart" by One Cut Kill. "I Don't Know" by Silver Apples. vinyl 7-inch now available from Gifted Children Records

M.I.D.I. Minds Feb 16 2008
an event of improvised electronic composition/collaboration.
For the first event, in Mobile, Alabama, the electronic composers were

Adam Daedalus

Trey Lane

CJ Reed

Brad M. Seippel

videos and pictures of M.I.D.I. Minds are up on YouTube, the One Cut Kill MySpace, Trey Lane MySpace, and Thruoutin (Brad's) Myspace.

M.I.D.I. Minds will repeat, with a *slightly* different lineup each time, though the electronics will always be networked together.

It would be ace to have a visual artist (V.J.) who can improvise along with the audio...

We were all impressed at having such a massive crowd that is willing to participate in such an experimental show. Thanks to everyone. You made this a serious art event and everyone onstage and off had a great night.

If you are interested in this or other activities that could tie into this--costume/scenery-making, ect... E-Mail adamdaedalus@yahoo.com

pre-release picture-disc-cd's are NO LONGER for sale. please refer to the One Cut Kill MySpace or the Gifted Children Records website for commercially available releases.

Adam Daedalus produces multimedia works and remixes under the direction of artistic mentor Simeon (inventor of the first live-performance modular electronic instrument in the 1960's)

Adam has worked as keyboardist, guitarist, and bassist in rock bands including Analog Missionary, Skylight Honey, morris minor, thee Hibachi Stranglers, and So Brown, in addition to fronting his own group One Cut Kill (which can be seen On Demand on the Comcast "Amped" music show)

releases include the Silver Apples/ Adam Daedalus collaboration, Purple Egg, White Russian/ Black Heart (7-inch on Gifted Children Records) and the six-song Cancer and the Unicorn from One Cut Kill.

also, Adam (morris minor/one cut kill) played keyboards on the Deluxe Leisure King song Sticker on You Car from the album-- Debbie Does Nothing. Look it up on I-tunes, eMusic, cdBaby
or buy it at their live shows throughout North America.

remix production credits include a Silver Apples re-working of the song Once Upon a Time by Swedish synth-rock band Silverbullit, the "Adam Daedalus smeared eye makeup remix" of Beautiful Alone, by indie-shoegazers Skylight Honey, and Red Eye (One Cut Kill remix) which can be heard at the One Cut Kill MySpace.

Feb 16, 2008-- M.I.D.I. Minds, four-person networked electronic showcase (videos available on YouTube)

2007-present- recording+live performances as One Cut Kill (full-band and solo improv electronica) and recording w/ Pete Workman, Ted Matthews' Invention of Destruction, Trey Lane, and Brad Seippel.

Sep/Nov 2007- 7" split single w/ Silver Apples released on Gifted Children Records, opening act for dates on Silver Apples South-Western U.S. tour.

May 1, 2007- keyboardist for Silver Apples @ Circle Bar, New Orleans. pre-Ponderosa Stomp show sponsored by Mystic Knights of the Mau Mau

Feb 2007- composed and producedWhite Russian/Black Heart for Gifted Children Records in Los Angeles.

2006-2007- performed in series of Satori art openings, solo and with full band

Nov 30, 2006- filmed in-studio performances for AMPED television program w/ band members from Colonel Dixies and So Brown as well as Simeon.

Nov 2006- New York with So Brown

Aug 11, 2006- One Cut Kill/So Brown Mash-up show-- two acts mixed together

July 2006- dual-interview with looping/sampling peer So Brown, Ear Damage 'Zine

Feb/Mar 2006- keys/oscillators/harmonicas/effects w/ Hibachi Stranglers

2005- commissioned by Space 301 to perform five-hour improv audio set inside the old Mobile Press Register building. at times joined by mentor Simeon (oscillators/electronics) and Michael Ray (Roland Octapad).

May 15- June 5, 2005-- Normandy multimedia collaboration by Adam Daedalus and Simeon Coxe @ GULF Art Space, Fairhope, AL

Dec 2004-2006- recorded "Cancer and the Unicorn"

June 12, 2004-- Adam Daedalus (opening for The Retakes), Mermaid Lounge, New Orleans (met the Legendary Pink Dots this same night after the gig)

2002-2003-- hosted open mic w/ Greg Nobles @ Indulgence. began performing acoustically and progressed into improv laptoptronica and electronic music using guitar pedals and networking gear.

2001-??- bass/keys/gtr/vox morris minor

Oct 2001- Nosferatu soundtrack performance w/ Analog Missionary @ Seanger Theatre

2000-2001- keys/gtr w/ Analog Missionary

1995-2001- various recording projects and bands, vox+keys+gtr w/ Binary Psyche, gtrs+vox w/ Bland, Nectar, Night Waters

1995-- Dogwood Recording Studio-- Nectar demo, full band recordings using songs from the "Adam Taylor Sucks" cassette

1987-1994- void music, drum machine, guitars

1976--80's Atari 2600, Commodore 64, vintage electric organs and a heap of books

Adam Daedalus has worked with
(by no means a complete list)

Southern Culture on the Skids, Demolition String Band, Baak Gwai (Tuscaloosa, AL), the Pine Hill Haints (Florence, AL), City of Ships (Ft. Walton), the Prayers (San Diego), the Mint Chicks (New Zealand), the Swear (Atlanta), Sirprize Fighter (Gainsville), Laserhead (Gainsville), Gasoline Hearts, Search the City (Detroit), Monument Monument, and jazz guitarist/songsmith Adam Levy (who has recorded and toured with Norah Jones, Tracy Chapman, Sex Mob, and Amos Lee)

as schedules permit, Adam is available for soundtrack/sound effects production as well as session recording as musician and/or engineer. Portable, DAW-based recording gear and choice outboard devices for location recording in theater, clubs, or at your rehearsal space.
specialties are M.I.D.I. networking, including multi-machine tempo maps and syncronization, sound design, digital audio editing.

If you have live performance pictures and/or video of Adam or One Cut Kill (or Adam with Analog Missionary, morris minor, Skylight Honey, or any other performances...)

please E-Mail adamdaedalus@yahoo.com

please make a note as to how you want to be credited...

selections from the One Cut Kill release
"Cancer and the Unicorn"
now playing @ http://www.myspace.com/onecutkill
So. Brown and One Cut Kill
dual-interview in the Ear Damage 'Zine/MySpace

in 2005, one cut kill and silver apples collaborated on a song called "purple egg". It has now been released on the Psychedelica: Volume One compilation (featuring the Brian Jonestown Massacre, the Electric Prunes, and many others...)

One Cut Kill "smeared eye makeup" remix of Skylight Honey's "Beautiful Alone"
Skylight Honey myspace

for digital feedback, E-Mail adamdaedalus@yahoo.com

new year's eve 2005/06, photo by Anna Root